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For or against the car


Bring the subject:

Modern cities are spreading over areas that would be difficult to walk even for a hiker. However, the man, who works or has urgent affairs to settle, can not do without means of transport. These constitute, at the same time the main concern of the state when it comes to public transport, and a market of any profit for the companies of cars for the transport of the private individuals.

Ask the problem:

The car has become the means of transport par excellence, its usefulness is no longer to demonstrate, However the many benefits it offers, they can hide the inconvenience that generates its use on a daily basis. What do the advocates of his cause think? And what are the replicas of those who condemn it?
Announce the plan:
To address this issue, we will adopt a four-movement plan. We will start with a history of the main lines that mark the evolution of this machine. Then we will discuss some of its essential advantages, then we will expose its disadvantages and finally we will try to see why the car is still attracting more and more people's craze.

Among the difficulties that created the creativity of the human spirit, the question of moving people and objects was the most urgent. The man remedied it first by using the animals. Later, with the invention of the wheel, cars pulled or pushed by animal power are born.
The invention of the machine in the eighteenth century then provoked a tremendous industrial revolution and gave birth in the nineteenth century to the first cars.
The first cars produced and marketed are steamed in 1873 and the first prototypes using the new engines less bulky in the mid-1880s. At the same time, the development of knowledge related to electricity leads to the realization of the first cars electric: we then have three modes of propulsion. But it is the engine that outperforms the other modes of propulsion.
The history of the car has given birth and live different trades. And progress in this area continues to make feats every day. This is indeed the area where we do the most experiments, research, discoveries and inventions. If the results do not all benefit directly to the car, on the other hand, they serve in other areas of high-tech technology.

I- The advantages of the car

If the car, in its beginnings, was a luxury object reserved for the people who could offer it, the mass production, initiated by Taylorism and undertaken by Ford, made this toy within reach of the majority of the people, and the growing phenomenon, we will count with the appearance of 50 million cars before the Second World War. In 2011, global annual production of automobiles would have reached 76 million units. The utility of the car will then cover all the activities of the trips.

a- For long journeys

Out of town, either for work or for travel, the car is a great way to get around. Indeed, thanks to its autonomy, comfort, speed and maneuverability, the car offers its owner the opportunity to take the road at any time, without living under the constraint of timetables imposed by public transport and delays and unforeseen events that may ensue.
The car also avoids the owner to experience the congestion of public transport, especially during weekends, parties or just rush hours. These inconveniences, besides the discomfort that they generate, can also be harmful for the health. For, overcrowding in a small and closed space causes the raising of the carbon dioxide rate rejected by the individuals because of their breathing, and leads by the opposite movement to the rarefaction of the oxygen. Do not underestimate the risk of catching contagious diseases in these conditions.
Another advantage of the personal car lies in the freedom to make the stops of one's choice. Indeed, the driver chooses the places where he wants to stop, and when he wants. This is a convenience that allows him to rest when he feels the need, to eat according to his appetite and taste, and also to relieve himself in case of urgent needs. The case is even more important when he is accompanied by his children.
Indeed, the car is wonderful that it allows to bring his family in a friendly atmosphere, and in peace, without having to suffer the risks associated with public transport in such a situation. Carrying everything you need with you,

b- for brief visits

Inside the perimeter of the town, automotive use is important. we will say that the automotive is usually associate degree plus within the hunt for employment. There area unit even many job offers that put in force being motorized.
Since work is never found close to home, or a minimum of for one amongst the spouses within the era once each partners of the bulk of couples work, the necessity to move automotive is imperative. this enables the morning, to delay a bit awake time, to own a breakfast, to decorate while not abundant haste and to arrive on time at work. The advantage of returning for lunch between noonday and 2 o'clock is crucial, and at last returning target the evening while not abundant embarrassment, once on a daily basis of labor will relish his evening to relax, pay attention youngsters, to report on their day, to place confidence in comes that modification the daily routine. Finally, you'll continuously depart for dinner, visit a show, buy groceries, or visit family or friends.
In case of emergency, once associate degree accident happens reception or once somebody is sick, the automotive will save him even within the middle of the night.
Finally, due to this implies of transport, the person will do his searching within the place he chooses. First, the number of the products doesn't cause him any longer drawback and so, he will buy the month and for the week. it'll be cheaper for him, as a result of he saves the expenses of the trip, and fewer confining in terms of your time to waste anytime once he goes to the market daily. The merchandise purchased area unit varied and of higher quality after we visit notice them wherever they're, rather than suffering the vagaries of proximity.

c- for girls.

Today, the operating lady has, quite the person, need a car. It's safe within the town. Indeed, the streets of town square measure progressively the scene of thieving, assault and molestation. The automobile could be a safe place for girls to maneuver while not risking aggression or annoyance. This on the one hand. On the opposite hand, mothers, after they have the chance, like better to take their youngsters to high school by automobile, rather than material possession them visit the streets of town, wherever they will have Associate in Nursing accident or be raped by strangers. definitely there's faculty transport, however these have 2 disadvantages. the primary lies within the litter of youngsters, where heat, and consequently a chill on arrival. The second drawback is that the majority youngsters pay loads of your time during this transport, as a result of there's a route to follow, and as we are able to not please everybody, youngsters United Nations agency square measure 1st on this trip can accompany the motive force throughout his tour. The development "mom-taxi" is changing into additional common and suits several couples.
Finally, or a final advantage for a girl to own a automobile is that she keeps contact together with her oldsters, while not having recourse to her husband or a taxi. The automobile will even represent for her an explicit independence, and a form of equality of power in an exceedingly couple.

III- The reign of the car

The car continues to improve and attract more and more followers. From the dream of the little child who rejoices when he has toyed with a car, to the collector of cars in miniatures or models or the passion of tuning fans, the car has not finished to arouse the passion of men and women. Formula 1 champions like Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost inflamed the hearts of admirers and became legendary. Their exploits are to the glory of the car and of this perfect union between the man and the machine become extension of his driver, thus concretizing this mythical dream of the Centaur.
The car gives the man multiple services. She is her auxiliary par excellence. He makes another himself on whom he can count in all situations of life. Bitch to her, he made himself master of time and space.
Only the man did not foresee the glory to which the destiny of the car was devoted. He had not prepared well for it. These roads do not support so much traffic. The consumption of energy on the one hand and the pollution generated on the other cost it more than what it collects as the fruit of this invention.
Solutions are at your fingertips. The car must regain its place of prestige. There is now public transport. You just have to mobilize to make them better. In developed countries, public transport is the priority of the state. Their abundance, diversity, punctuality, comfort, and security are no longer in doubt, and have been for decades. They are the ones who reflect the level of progress of a country, its modernism and its advanced awareness. People use their cars when they decide to have them, only when they work outside the city, or when they want to go shopping, go out on a weekend or go on a trip.
It is in the underdeveloped countries that the use of the car is increasing. While there is a beginning of change of mentalities, but it is an effort that requires a colossal investment. The development of road infrastructures and the introduction of new means of public transport will find irreparable echoes among citizens. There is only to see the tramway experience in Morocco. Admittedly, the works took a lot of time, and caused a lot of disturbances in the traffic of Rabat-Salé and Casablanca, but the result is convincing. Today, people use them as if they have always done that. Of course, the routes served do not favor everyone, but other lines will follow.


Certainly the rise of the car is no longer to challenge. It develops and will still have long days of glory. It is the means of transport that allows you to combine business with pleasure. These negative sides do not come from itself but from the thoughtless use that man makes of it. We can not say that the reign of the car will one day live its decline as it continues to inspire both the creativity of manufacturers and the dream of freedom of drivers.
Reminder of the problem:
Luxury object, means of transport of first necessity, or simple acquisition of the modern consumer society. The car has not ceased to raise the controversy of its utility, and since its invention. But the progress it is making in such a short time, testifies to the genius of the man and the interest he brings to this vehicle. We have tried to define the arguments of those who proclaim his glory, without concealing the answers of those who anticipate his decline

Opening :

We do not know what will be done, so much is the progress at a speed. All that we live today was part of the science fiction of an era that is not too far away. State-of-the-art technology now paired with electronic chips, and controlled by computers, and by GPS, make the modern car a kind of terminal to the control of which the driver is a cosmonaut piloting a spaceship.
How will tomorrow's cars be? Will they succeed in overcoming gravity? Will they fly as in science fiction movies?
But in the meantime, there is still so much to be done in the traffic of cities in developing countries, in terms of superimposed roads, and suspended rails, subways, trams.
There is also so much beautiful idea to copy: among others, to do one day a week without cars, Sunday for example. In Japan, the streets are washed and become a great picnic place,

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