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Argumentary text on the car

Here is AN litigious text on the automotive (text argument):

Advantages of the carIt permits to maneuver terribly simply with very little effort> .On appropriates his automotive, that makes it a snug and pleasant place wherever one feels sensible and paradoxically safe.The those that have a driver's licenses ar rather more possible to search out employment. At constant time, the bosses will simply rent extremely mobile workers at low cost: simply raise the worker to use his own automotive and provide him a poor come back. It permits families to travel at low value. permits you to be freelance and provides a true sense of freedom. It permits access to otherwise inaccessible places. It permits to simply move objects, to try to to its looking and its looking, that contributes to the nice functioning of the economy. The disadvantages of the automotiveThe car is that the most polluting means that of private transport and therefore the reason behind an outsized a part of the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The automotive within the town is in some cases slower thanks to traffic jams. These traffic jams ar the reason behind frustration and stress within the driver. The automotive drives to inactivity and is thus a reason behind rise fatness within the population. Walking, riding a motorbike or taking public transportation can pay calories, whereas the automotive, no. the huge use of the automotive in developed countries while not enough reserve on their own soil pushes Western countries to military and economic victimization to confirm the constant offer of oil and therefore the health of their dependent economy. The automotive disconnects the motive force from truth reality during which he finds himself. In his car, it's rare to own spontaneous social contacts with the individuals around U.S. and this ends up in hyperindividualism. The automotive is one in all the primary causes of accidental death. The automotive will be a weapon within the hands The automotive is in permanent competition with the person, however the road sometimes triumphs over parks and living areas. The automotive is incredibly high-priced and it'll not stop! Calculate what proportion your automotive prices, insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs, etc. this is often a large a part of the home budget! The automotive has fostered the emergence of American-style malls set outside the town and frequently engineered for the happiness of motorists-consumers.

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